Are you in the market for an office space in Melbourne? Truth be told, choosing the right office space isn’t an easy task, unless you familiarize yourself with all features to consider when looking for such a space. Additionally, the space you choose can make or break your business, which means that you must select the right space for your business to survive. So, which are the key features to consider before leasing or renting an office space to ensure that you are making the right decision? Read on to find out.

  1. Determine the amount of space you need

How much space is required to be occupied by the office? Note that the amount of space per employee depends on the way the business works and the nature of business. Additionally, the layout of an office has a significant effect on the amount of space, since it might appear large enough but end up cluttering your equipment and employees, which could reduce the morale of your employees resulting in less productivity. Therefore, ensure that you pay attention to everything that has an impact on the required office space and rent an office with adequate room for the working equipment and employees while providing provision for materials and storage of stock if you deal with any.

  1. Cost to benefit ratio

The costs of hiring an office space in Melbourne are not the same. However, everyone who rents or leases property must evaluate the costs of the office space to ensure that you are getting the most returns out of the money you are parting with. On that note, compute the total costs of moving the business to the space, and the costs of the required installations and renovations plus the monthly rent and ensure that the space is worth every penny to avoid a loss in the long term. Besides that, read the lease document accurately to avoid missing out on the hidden charges.

  1. Location and ease of access

Next, you will want to determine the place you want your office to be located and the ease of access by employees and clients. After all, remote office spaces might be cheaper, but do not forget that if clients find it difficult to access, they will opt to go to your competitor. Worse still, nobody shall be willing to work for you in a remote place, especially when employees spend a lot of money commuting. Therefore, choose a location that is near to your client base and one with access to affordable apartments for your employees.

  1. Infrastructure and Security

Another key factor that will help you choose the right office space Melbourne is once you consider the access to infrastructural services and how secure the place is. By infrastructure, consider features like phone and internet service providers, parking areas, conference and meeting rooms, reception services, and mail delivery services. Ensure that you can get an office space with a fast, reliable, and stable internet connection. You can request the owner to provide a speed test to ensure that the internet service provider is providing reliable internet. Plus, ensure that the parking area for the staff is adequate and that space is secure.

  1. Competitor business

How much competition are you likely to face in the area you pick? This is an important factor for starting businesses or if you are not on a better edge of that market. Determine if the area you are opting for is oversaturated with competitors to avoid too much struggle to attract the clients. If the area has a lot of competitors, opt for a region with a smaller number of competitors until you stabilize and become widely known.

  1. How about the natural lighting?

Last but not least, you do not want to settle in an office space without adequate lighting as this will affect your employees in one way or another. Therefore, the first option should be an office space with enough windows to allow the natural light in to eliminate the need for running the electricity all day. Alternatively, if the windows are not adequate, ensure that the office space is adequately lighted using electricity to enhance the morale of your employees.


Choosing the right office space in Melbourne shouldn’t be a complicated task if you follow the tips above. Once you’ve found your space and inspected it to ensure that it is right for the business, don’t rush to sign the lease contract. Instead, read it thoroughly to ensure that there are no hidden charges and that you accept all terms and conditions listed in it.

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